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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Below we have tried to answer some of the questions we are regularly asked by our customers.

What is the difference between MFC and wood veneer?

MFC stands for Melamine Faced Chipboard. MFC is the material most office furniture is made from and we use 25mm thick MFC with a tough bonded edge for strength and durability. MFC is easy to keep clean, hardwearing and each piece of furniture exactly matches any other - ideal for an open plan office environment.

Wood veneer furniture is typically used in boardrooms, receptions and executive offices. We use crown cut wood veneers whose varying grain and figure emphasise the natural beauty and individuality of the wood. No two pieces of crown cut timber are the same although we do endeavour to keep variations within predetermined limits. Wood changes colour with age so should you add additional items at a later date there may be an initial colour mismatch that should even out over a period of time.

How should I look after my furniture?

Most furniture requires no maintenance other than cleaning with a damp cloth and soft duster. Spray polishes should not be used as they may harm the finish.

Can I get furniture to exactly fit the space I have?

All of our furniture ranges are available in a wide choice of shapes, sizes and finishes. In addition to these standard items we are able to provide specials to suit a particular requirement - just ask your representative.

Can I have chairs in our corporate colours?

All of our seating can be provided in many types and colours of upholstery. In addition to standard fabrics we can supply leather, suede, extra hardwearing fabrics for high use areas, vinyl and even source fabric to exactly match a desired colour.