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Levant Office Interiors have taken a proactive approach in designing and building our website to enable as much accessibility as possible for all Users.

We have taken particular care to comply with all of the Priority 1 and 2 accessibility checkpoints in our website, as stipulated in the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) web accessibility initiative.

If you are using a Internet Explorer on a Windows computer, hold down the ALT key and the access key of the Page that you want to navigate to (keys are listed below). The link will then be highlighted and you can navigate to that Page by pressing enter. Alternatively, if you are using Firefox, hold down SHIFT and ALT, then the access key to go immediately to the relevant Page.

If you are using a Mac with Safari, simply hold down the CTRL button and the access key to go immediately to the relevant Page.

Access keys

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These access keys will allow Users without access to a mouse to navigate the site by keyboard using a consistent numbering system for Pages.

If you require any special assistance or further information about accessibility within the Levant Office Interiors website, please contact us.